15 Christmas Activities To De-Stress

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… or so the song says! But it’s also a season of stress and worries. So we have gathered 15 Christmas-related activities for you to enjoy in these magical weeks, that will help you fight stress and feel happier.


15 Activities That Will Help You De-Stress This Christmas

1. Sing it Out Loud!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without carols, would it? Forget about whether you have a good musical ear or not. Find yourself a nice playlist (or better yet, create one of your own!) with the good old classics. Let it play during the day while you go about doing your chores and sing out loud without fear.

2. DIY all the way

Buying Christmas decorations is fun. But with a baby on the way you might be thinking about saving some money. An excellent and fun alternative – Do It Yourself! There are literally thousands of blogs and vlogs out there that teach you how to create ornaments from scratch (and some of them won’t cost you a dime). One that I’ve enjoyed doing recently is the one in this blog. But the sky is the limit, go rock some DIY!

3. The Cookie Monster

There is no better smell in a house that a fresh baked batch of cookies. That is just a fact. Not only will you de-stress with this activity but also you get to eat your fabulous creations. Try this one maybe. Or this other one. They look so yummy! If you get to do them, or if you use your own recipes, post the results in our comments box below 🙂

4. The Gratitude Letter

I feel like we’re sending les and less Christmas postcards each year. And while I understand the reasoning behind it, I still remember getting those cards as a kid and loving the way they looked all arranged on our hall table. But these days people don’t want to spend time filling in cards and when they do, it looks so automatic. Not personal. However, studies have found that writing gratitude letters is not only therapeutical but also will make both the person who writes them and the person who receives them very, very happy. In this post you can find more info on the benefits of this exercise. Try writing a gratitude letter to someone close to you. It will strengthen your relationship.

5. Laugh with a good movie

There are so many beautiful movies out there that are Christmas-themed. Find some funny ones and make a movie session with some healthy snacks. Involve the family for extra fun!

6. Visit a Christmas market

You don’t need to spend money on decorations but you can still enjoy the beautiful Christmas markets. The atmosphere, the music and lights, it all adds up to create a perfect de-stressing activity. Dress warm, put on some comfy shoes and go walk around a Christmas market. You get to do your daily walk plus enjoy the Christmas spirit. Win-win!

7. Be kind

Even though we should be kind and generous all year round, Christmas is a good reminder for good deeds. There are thousands of charities operating at this time, hoping to gather some donations for their wonderful causes. If you are not able to spend some money there are still things you can do to help out. For example, animal shelters are always in need of extra blankets to keep them warm in the cold months. If you need ideas, this is a good place to start.

8. Smells like Christmas!

Baking cookies is not the only way to make your house smell extra amazing these holidays. Use essential oils to recall all those beautiful memories of your childhood Christmas. Get inspired here.

9. Christmas beverages

Not the ones you’re thinking of, sorry future mom! But there’s a whole world out there of Christmas drinks that are alcohol free. If you don’t believe me, just take a look!

10. Game Night!

Involve your family in a fun game night that is Christmas-themed. You can play charades, pictionary and the like. Just try to avoid conflictive games like Monopoly and you’ll be fine!

11. Santa Baby!

If you’re feeling like it, you might wanna spice things up this Christmas. Just think about this – a Sexy Santa costume and the Santa Baby song… the rest is up to you and your imagination. Treat your man if he’s been a good boy this year and don’t forget to ask for your cookie too!

12. Embroider it

If you’re not keen on sewing, an easier alternative is to embroider. There are tons of wonderful tutorials that will show you how to embroider some nice Christmas design. You might get a new hobby and you will fight stress too, it’s worth trying.

13. Avoid Conflictive Topics at the Dinner Table

This year, before everyone sits to enjoy the Christmas dinner, warn everyone about a new rule – conflictive topics are a no-go. It’s good to censor some topics that can create a negative atmosphere, like politics, religions, sexuality… It’s all about having a merry time. Those issues can be discussed in other times.

14. Get yourself some nice Christmas plants

Plants are very therapeutical and taking care of them will de-stress you. Find some info on taking care of Christmas plants here and enjoy their beautiful presence.

15. Create a beautiful album

Since it’s the end of another year, you might want to consider creating an album with memories of the past 12 months. It can also be a gorgeous present. Or you may decide to make an album of your family or your loved one that will show your baby what a beautiful family he or she is going to be surrounded by. Get creative 🙂

Do you have any other ideas to spend the Christmas that can also help you de-stress? Share with us in the comments below!

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